Tuna Melts

I sat at the park today for 40 minutes trying to come up with something for dinner that required zero effort from me. My brainstorm:

- Order in Hell Pizza. I have a free delivery voucher.
I don't really like their pizzas and they're too expensive.
- Stop by the fish and chip/chinese/pizza place on the way home.
I didn't bring my wallet. Guts.
- Midnight spaghetti.
Too much effort. Don't feel like pasta.
- Cheese toasties.
Maybe. But Theo had a sandwich for lunch.
- Open grilled cheese like mini pizzas.
Doable. I have ham and tomato and cheese.
- Tuna melts... Tuna melts!

Every now and again I remember tuna melts and that they actually taste good. Then I forget them for another 6 months.


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