A time to end...

After 6 months of blogging my dinners I'm going to stop posting on this blog. It was a useful tool for me for a time, to motivate me to make good dinners for my family, and I got a few new ideas along the way. But I think a blog should be way to make your real world life better, not worse. So when this blog stopped being a fun and useful tool and became a burden, "I need to post! Ahhh!" type thing, I knew it was time to stop.

Thank you for all my readers, followers and subscribers, especially those three who have been clicking through every day for the last 2 and half weeks even though there haven't been any fresh posts for that long.

I am working on how to archive my 6 months of dinners, for now you can access them here still. I will occasionally post exceptional dinners on my other blog, thethingsthatilove.blogspot.com.

Thank you, and good night!

Curry to go

Friday night take out.

Nat got Chicken Masala (bottom). It was alright. I got a lamb in spinach gravy (bottom - forgot the name of it). It was alright. I realised I like my curry sweet, because this one was not!

Vegetable Marzetti

I set out to make something I thought the kids would eat, since we're all just getting our appetites back and have tender tummies. When I started eating it I realised it was pretty much Marzetti but with veges instead of meat.

I cooked the pasta and then stirred the sauce through. To make the sauce I literally just put all these ingredients in a pan: can of tomatoes, diced onion, crushed garlic, salt, pepper, peas, grated carrot, chicken stock cube (so technically not vegetarian), tomato paste, water. I let that reduce down for a bit then added cheese.

It was great. But would probably be nicer if you took the time to saute onions and garlic and be thoughtful about your other ingredients as well. But as it was, chucking it all in worked pretty well too.

Midnight Spaghetti 7 (with a twist...)

I added sliced and diced ham, white wine vinegar and "Cream for Cooking" (a new product, thank you James at The Food Show for the free samples!) to the sauce, and omitted the chili. It was nice, but I was FAR too heavy handed with the cream!

Fresh Terakihi fillets with homemade chips and salad

... a la Nat. He's great at this meal.


Sorry, no photo, I knew I said I wouldn't do this anymore, but just in case any of you really care to know, I won't be posting for the next week because we're going away. But we're taking a lasagna that will last us around 3 days, so there's something for you. Back to posting (semi) regularly again in a week!

Pizza 3

This is fast becoming a fave. I make it as often as I feel I can justify.
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