Midnight Spaghetti 4

We had the same old midnight spaghetti tonight. But I've included photos from over Christmas when my siblings and I and our families all gathered at my parents place. This is what midnight spaghetti for 19 people looks like.

Tim (brother-in-law) is stirring the enormous pasta pot. Nat is stirring the shrimp in the frypan. We had to tip the shrimp/shallots into the pasta pot because I don't think there is a frypan in the world that could hold all the pasta we needed.

A frypan full of shrimp and deep with oil. At this point we didn't know if we had the increased amounts of everything right. How often do you multiply your recipes by 10?

The pasta pot. Can't see much through the steam but it was big and full. Immense amounts of spaghetti.

Ready to serve. Looks the same as usual...

The pasta pot on the table so you can get an idea of scale.

On the plate. Just like at home. It was great.


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