Pumpkin Penne

... aka "Experimental pasta #2 (or 3. Maybe 4, 5 or 6.)".

Trying to make something quick and easy, I thought I'd use a can of pumpkin soup as a quick pasta sauce.

I chopped two kransy's and fried them up. I started my penne boiling. In another pot I emptied the can of soup, added 3 Tbsp of both sour cream and cream cheese and about 6 Tbsp of milk. Stir as it heats until smooth. I added a pinch of both paprika and nutmeg.

At the last minute I decided some green in the salad might look nice so microwaved some peas and added fresh basil leaves as well as the sauce and kransy's. Stir to mix. Top with parmesan cheese.

I cooked half of a 500g packet of penne and used half the pot of sauce that I'd made. It tasted fine, the kids liked it, BUT, if you're going to make something similar skip the peas and basil. Add way more kransky (it's really the star of the dish) and parmesan. Toasted pine nuts would be a welcome addition too.

After all that I found something in the fridge that would have been much faster.



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