A time to end...

After 6 months of blogging my dinners I'm going to stop posting on this blog. It was a useful tool for me for a time, to motivate me to make good dinners for my family, and I got a few new ideas along the way. But I think a blog should be way to make your real world life better, not worse. So when this blog stopped being a fun and useful tool and became a burden, "I need to post! Ahhh!" type thing, I knew it was time to stop.

Thank you for all my readers, followers and subscribers, especially those three who have been clicking through every day for the last 2 and half weeks even though there haven't been any fresh posts for that long.

I am working on how to archive my 6 months of dinners, for now you can access them here still. I will occasionally post exceptional dinners on my other blog, thethingsthatilove.blogspot.com.

Thank you, and good night!
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