Tortilla Pizza

It's hot here today (hot for Wellington anyway) and we hardly feel like doing anything. Solution? Tortilla Pizza. They're not as filling as regular pizza, for obvious reasons, but they're just as delicious. Lucky the heat also makes us less hungry.

Using tortilla's as our bases, I topped our pizza with a half/half mix of tomato paste and sauce (to save on paste and to sweeten it), grated cheese (we buy Edam), sliced Kransky sausage (is there anything these sausages can't do?) and fresh basil leaves (if using again I think I'll add after cooking rather than before. The heat from the pizza would wilt the leaves rather than the grill in the oven shrivelling them). Be careful not to overload your little tortilla base. They're nowhere near as sturdy as a pizza base.

Simple, quick, easy, delicious. Perfect.


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