Chili 3

It's meant to be summer. And yet I'm dressing my children like this:

So I made chili for dinner tonight. Much like the recipe I've already posted but with some alterations.

- We had no garlic. It was still delicious.
- I doubled the measures for the spices.
- I added a tablespoon of Worcestershire sauce.
- I used an extra can of chili beans, hot, salsa flavoured.
- I added 1/2 a can of water.
- I added a good 1 1/2-2 cups of frozen corn.
- It simmered away for a good half hour.
- We added chili flakes at the table to increase the heat. Since we were serving it to our kiddilicks it wasn't very hot in the pot. But a couple shakes of chili flakes increased it to the perfect amount of heat. Enough to heat up your mouth and get your nose running by the time you finish the bowl, but not so much you can't taste your food or get through two bites in a row.

It's nice with sour cream and bread, or tonight we had the last of my most recent batch of delicious home made bread rolls or as the recipe calls them:

Nice Buns

1 1/4 cups warm water
3 Tbsp sugar
1 Tbsp yeast (dry, granules)
1 Tbsp cooking oil
3 cups flour
1 tsp salt
1 tsp baking powder

Dissolve sugar in water. Have the water at a temperature so that it is still luke warm after the sugar has dissolved. Sprinkle yeast over the mixture, add oil and stir briefly.

Leave mixture to stand for 5 minutes or until it has become foamy. This works best if left in a warm place.

Add the rest of the ingredients. Knead for a bit. When smooth (takes 5-10 minutes of kneading) you can leave the dough to rise for 30 mins (recommended) or you can bake it straight away.

Divide mixture into 10-12 buns. Cook in hot oven at 180 degrees Celcius for 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.


In my personal preparation, after I have divided the mixture into buns, I pull the dough from top to bottom, squeezing all the air bubbles out underneath and form it into a rectangle shape. Then I slice it lengthways down the middle, not all the way through, with a sharp knife, then press it back together and place on the tray. The buns turn out round or sometimes square, and with a line down the middle that makes it easy to break in half. These are the business.

There you go Nicole!


Angela Noelle said...

1 - I love that that hat was once yours.

2 - I'm so glad you posted that recipe! I wanted it!

Mariah said...

1 - Mum gave the two of them to Erika and I for our daughters maybe 3 months ago. Mackenzie's never even fit her. Sadie had been wearing hers rolled over at the bottom and has just progressed to wearing it unrolled, but it is still too big!

2 - Yes Erika and I have at different times had the book with this recipe in it and called each other to retrieve it. It's a favourite and a regular. Erika has also made them with half wholemeal flour before and that's great too. She also just adds a bit more sugar at the beginning and uses this recipe for coconut buns. I've tried that but it's never been too great for me.

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