A great Friday night meal, with hardly any preparation required. Here's how I make it:

Fry onion and garlic in a pan. Add mince and brown. Add seasonings (my personal taste - salt, pepper, cumin, beef stock, occasionally a splash of soy sauce/malt vinegar/worcestershire sauce. Not all at once but one or the other). Add a can of chili beans and stir to combine and heat through.
WATTIE'S Mild Chilli WATTIE'S Mild Chilli Beans

WATTIE'S Mild Chilli Beans is New Zealand's favourite chilli bean. The combination of WATTIE'S secret spices and a rich chilli sauce makes an irresistible meal for any time of the day. WATTIE'S Mild Chilli Beans include quality red kidney beans, capsicum and onion, making a tasty meal on its own or a delicious accompaniment to a variety of recipes.

Available in 420g cans.

When I'm really in a hurry I don't even cook mince, I just use the beans straight from the can. Also, if your adding a can of seasoned beans rather than just straight beans, you can probably skip seasoning the mince too.

Pour your corn chips in some sort of oven proof vessel. Top with mince and beans mixture and grated cheese. Bake till cheese has melted. You can then grill if you want, but I've found that grilling alone doesn't heat it through, so bake it for a bit first.

Top with sour cream and serve! I'm sure you could add other things like salsa, corn in the mince mixture, chives or spring onions on top but I normally do the minimum.


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