This 'n' That and Lasagna

My friend Johanna recently reminisced that one of her favourite dinners growing up was what her mother called "This 'n' That": a plateful of leftovers and whatever was left in the kitchen pretty much. This is what the kids had for dinner,

(broccoli, water, yoghurt, peaches, cracker, rehydration liquid for Sadie. She got pretty sick)

(Sadie finishing off a piece of cheese)

(the reject bowl: spaghetti, for the 4th(?) evening this week (the meatballs got eaten), banana, peeled pear, plum)

because the main event wasn't ready in time.

This is the first lasagna we've made at this house, so that's AT LEAST 6 months! It was so good!

But I overdid it with the cream.

Cream in the lasagna? Oh yes we did! After it's all assembled (with uncooked pasta) we bake for 10 min, pour over cream, 10 min more, more cream, 10 min more, more cream, 10 minutes more. Well those were my instructions from Nat. He normally does the "creaming". But I didn't fully understand his description of how much cream to put in. So after baptising the lasagna (by immersion) after the first 1o minutes it took another 40 minutes for the cream to absorb. Or look like it was absorbed.

Lasagna with your cream anyone?


Johanna said...

yummmmmmmmmmmmmm this looks like it was really delicious.

Rachel said...

What?! I've never heard of such a thing. But it sounds like a genius idea. I'm trying it.

Angela Noelle said...

I'm with Rachel - I hadn't heard of this...and I've heard Lasagna Theory a-plenty.

So what do I do? Add it little by little, watching absorption?

Mariah said...

Well we got the recipe off the back of a lasagna box once. I took a paper and pen into the store and everything. But I did it wrong last night so I'll have to ask Nat to give some directions on this. Nat? How do we do it?!

Nicole said...

I've made my bechamel with cream before but this seems pretty crazy/cool. More instructions pleeeeease?

Mariah said...

So the recipe says "bake for 20 min, pour over 1 cup of cream and bake for a further 10 minutes". But we've never done that. I think what Nat wanted me to do was pour in a bit at a time the way I described: bake for 10 min, cream, 10 min, cream, 10 min, cream (that's 3 times cream), 10 more minutes. And the total after all that is around 1 cup, maybe a bit more. So I guess just pour it in all the dry spots every time. DON'T try and immerse it. That's too much cream!

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