Nat's steak and mushrooms

Nat made delicious steak tonight with sauteed mushrooms and shallots, fresh/parbaked sour dour and rice as sides. We ate it like an open sandwich, topping the bread with the mushrooms/shallots, then the steak and then mustard. It was really good! Nat sure is good at cooking his steak, I'll tell ya. (With brocolli and carrots also not pictured)


Nicole said...

We had steak for dinner tonight with mushroom and onion sauce, with chive and garlic mashed potato, sweetcorn, peas and garlic bread as sides. How do you guys do your mushrooms?

Mariah said...

I've linked to a creamy mushroom sauce that I like before, and have posted a stuffed mushroom recipe. The way Nat cooks mushrooms for us is: in the pan - tiny bit of oil, a lot of butter, little bit later onion/shallot, a little bit later mushrooms, a little bit later white wine vinegar. Hope it turns out!

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