Burritos 6

I felt like burritos this morning. I got mince out of the freezer. We had taco sauce which was unusual for us. And avocado. This was going to be great. When I came to making it I cooked up the mince, then realised I didn't have anything else that we normally stuff burritos with other than the taco sauce and avocado. SO a little different tonight, I added plenty of corn to the mince mixture, and chopped up some capsicum (really small so that the kids would eat it) and that was us! Sour cream, mince with corn, cheese, capsicum, avocado, taco sauce.


Angela Noelle said...

Save the sachet from your taco spice and tuck it in one of your cookbooks! I use the ingredients list from the back as my recipe for making my own spice. It has a little click-clack plastic container with a laminated label, in fact.

Mariah said...

Good idea! But mine was taco sauce from a packet, I think from a kit because it was just a silver sachet, no ingredients. Thanks for the tip though.

(And of course you have a click clack and laminated label for your spice. You're Angela)

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