Meat and two veg 2

Somehow, when Nat cooks the steak it's "Beef Porterhouse Steak with....". But when I make it, it's just "Meat and two veg". I lack finesse I think.

I did manage to make delicious onions to go with it though: Onions in half rings, cooked with a splash of both Worcestershire sauce and white wine vinegar, and a little salt. Yum!


Nicole said...

Looks yummy! A really easy sauce for steak is to add butter to a hot pan, stir in a sachet of Maggi's Mushroom Soup mix, add milk, add mushrooms, simmer and add milk until your desired consistency & until mushy's are cooked.

Mariah said...

Thanks! I'll have to keep that in mind. Sounds DELICIOUS. Creamy + mushrooms = yum. Actually even just mushrooms = yum. So I imagine that would be really tasty.

I actually got the steak out tonight to make stroganoff, but we didn't have any mushrooms. Thus the boring meal.

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