Meat and two veg

It's better than it sounds. I had beef porterhouse steak tonight with onions, broccoli, salad and rice. It was good! I don't know if it's an abomination or not, something tells me a proper chef wouldn't do it, but I cooked my onions and steak (seasoned with salt and pepper) in olive oil, Worcestershire sauce and balsamic vinegar. Just a splash of each. I liked it. And it paired real nice with the balsamic vinaigrette on my salad.

And if you don't like meat you might want to look away because LOOK AT THIS!

For the first time ever I didn't overcook my steak! I cooked a perfect medium steak. I'll say medium because it wasn't bleeding, but I found it was quite red still. Yay! Go me!


Nat said...

a steak not bleeding happens because you rest a steak, not because of how well cooked it is.

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