Christmas #1

Can you believe I forgot to take my camera to Christmas dinner? The first of two: with Nat's family. We'll by with mine Christmas day this year. Nat says no one wants to read this if I don't have a picture, but for record keepings sake:

Afternoon nibbles:
Flavoured nuts and seeds
Corn chips and rice crackers with fresh homemade guacamole
Men shaped shortbread cookies
Fresh cherries

Roast pork (with perfect crackling)
Apple sauce
Roast potato, kumara, pumpkin, shallots
Bok Choy
Fresh garden salad with dressing

Red sparkling grape juice

Pumpkin pie (my mother's recipe)
Whipped cream
Apple pie
Vanilla ice cream

Supper (intended for entree but forgotten till later):
Butterflied prawns on soft fresh lettuce

To finish:
Red sparkling grape juice
Truffle chocolates

And just so you know there were only four adults (Nat, me and his parents) and two children (2 1/2 and 10 months) at the celebration today. We really ate to celebrate.


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