Tomato and Basil Spaghetti 3

Nat made some spaghetti sauce earlier in the day today so that he could take his dinner to work with him (working a night shift). He also used the rest of the spaghetti.

So the kids had macaroni with their spaghetti sauce. Another empty packet.

I had mine over brown rice.

It was nice enough, but you really need to make sure you've got enough sauce to flavour it otherwise it's too boring.


Nat said...

there are two packets of spaghetti downstairs.

Nat said...


Mariah said...

I know, but I couldn't be bothered going down to get them, it wasn't convenient in the moment. Especially because I wasn't going to be eating it anyway. The kids liked the macaroni fine. Thanks for making the sauce for me. X

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