Stir Fry with chick peas and parsnip crisps

I attempted parsnip crisps tonight. Sliced as thin as possible, olive oil, salt and pepper, baked then grilled. I think it's a winner idea, they tasted delicious, but I didn't quite get them crisp enough to be called crisps. I'm going to try again tomorrow.

Then I made a stir fry, with plenty of veges. Cooking oil in the pan, shallot and garlic next, when translucent all the other veges in. I used carrot, brocolli, mushrooms, cabbage and celery. Put in some soy sauce and sesame seeds to taste. Stir that for a bit then add cooked chickpeas and tons of peanuts. They give a nice crunch. And add some chilli, I used flakes, if you want. I added it near the end because chilli gets hotter as it's cooked and I didn't want it too hot.

Then I put the stir fry on the parsnip (not) crisps. The only thing I would have changed is I added a bit too much soy sauce so it was really dark, and cooked it for too long because I was waiting for my crisps. So it got a bit droopy. You could always add more or less veges, and rice or crispy noodles would be great.


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