Lamb ribs

Nat made dinner tonight. He made lamb ribs, potato dauphinois, roast tomatoes and broccoli (not pictured). Although Nat seasoned the ribs deliciously, I wouldn't recommend getting lamb ribs because they are just too fatty. As in, there is more fat than meat. Also, potato dauphinois is like Nat's pet at the moment. Delicious.


Rachel said...

I made gnocchi with onion and gorgonzola sauce. You cook down the onions in olive oil for about 30 minutes until they get really sweet and tender and golden and yummy and then pour in some milk and gorgonzola and while that's cooking you pop your gnocchi in some boiling water. By the time the gnocchi rises to the top the sauce has thickened up and you just scoop the gnocchi right in. And then you die from the goodness of it all.

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