Pan-fried Duck Legs

Nat spent his last voucher from Christmas yesterday on luxury food items that he will lord over me as he consumes them one by one over the next FOREVER. He's one of those. He makes things last for AGES.

Tonight he made duck legs with his own invention of berry sauce and salad. Looks good! But I wouldn't know how it tasted.


Angela Noelle of Striking Keys said...

I cannot believe he doesn't share.

Well, I can believe it, but I'm not impressed.

Mariah said...

Well actually, I'm making him out to be a bit of a villain. I did try the sauce, it was quite sweet, so I'm not sure how I would have liked it all together. Sometimes I like sweet savouries and sometimes not.
Also, he said the leg was fatty and definitely not as good as duck breast, and so I didn't ask if I could try it because it didn't sound unmissable.
Part of what he said he wanted for Christmas when he was given those vouchers though was to be able to buy whatever treat foods he wanted without having to worry about what it cost or catering to the family. So he just cooks it up for himself because that's part of the gift.

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